By 2027 High Quality Roofing will be emerging as a leading company in specialized roofing services, considering itself a strategic ally for clients and suppliers, providing timely solutions with social commitment and environmental benefits in Georgia.



High Quality Roofing’s mission is to be leading company in materialize the projects of its clients, providing innovative services in roofing remodeling, supported by its suppliers, suitable and highly qualified teamwork personnel. Complying with the established technical specifications, in order to provide stability and development to its collaborators, clientele as profitability to the organization.



High Quality Roofing was created at the beginning of 2019 by Eddan Zuniga and Lesly
Portillo, his wife. We had our first office at our home in Norcross, being Mr. Zuniga, the
only salesman in the company, accompanied by Mrs. Lesly, the only secretary. It was
not easy; we had many sleepless nights and mistakes, but we were learning the
process each day and were conscious that all that was part of the road and that we
must walk to get to our goal. Not everything was bad; on the way, we met good
people, many of whom, until this day, we proudly call friends.

Entering the year 2020, the company grew with more salespeople, inspectors, another
secretary, and finally, an office. We kept growing, learning, and finding new ways to
make everything work now in the middle of a pandemic, which was a great challenge,
but we kept going, finding ways to make our clients happy and helping them at each
step of the process until the end.

2021, a third secretary and more sales representatives joined the team. The company
kept growing, getting certified, studying, and trying new products. Having the
opportunity to go further and each day reaches more people, providing them what
they deserve, quality service. We are still looking to our original goal, but on the way,
we started to add a few more.

This 2022 was a roller coaster. A fourth secretary, more salespeople and our family
keep growing. Today, as we're writing this, we look back and remember all what we
went through since the beginning, and where we are right now, we are so GRATEFUL.
God helped us get here, and he will keep going by our side because we are nothing
without him. Also, grateful to our clients, team (work family), friends, family, etc.
Again, a big thank you to our work team for their dedication. We deeply appreciate
every member of this team for showing relentless effort, your hard work continues to
inspire us, thank you for being the best.

Today, our goals are bigger, and we are still walking, but we are getting closer. What
started as a dream today is a beautiful reality. High Quality Roofing is one of our
garden's biggest trees, and we are proud of it. We will keep looking for ways to
improve ourselves and offer our community the best services and experience

We work with high quality standards